Why do I need a website?

There's no question that a Web site is more mission-critical for some businesses than others. Companies
trying to reach customers in different locations (think tourist attractions or hotels) or who have products that can be shipped to customers far away (say flowers, handmade or specialty items, etc.) obviously need to have an online presence.

But local businesses (dry cleaners or shoe repair shops, for example) also can benefit from a Web site that shows their location, lists their services or offers special promotions as well as contact info. Those who think they don't need a compelling Web site because they serve other businesses rather than retail consumers. Many businesses search for new suppliers online, then order from them that way, too.

What if I have a website that needs changes?

No Problem. We will first have to determine what coding your website requires. From there we can review the changes you would like and contact you with an estimate. After we get a confirmation to go ahead with the changes it will take anywhere from 1-3 business days for minor changes, and 3-5 days for major changes.

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